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Voice Changer, Sound Recorder and Player app for iPhone and iPad

4.0 ( 5120 ratings )
Reference Entertainment
Developer: WEIPEI DENG
Current version: 1.3, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 06 May 2013
App size: 31.13 Mb

*Free for a very limited time!*

This is a must-have tool for recording your voices or other sounds.
It allows you to record sounds and instantly apply special effects to make it cool.
You can choose to sound like man, woman, child or other fancy effects.
With a wide range of sound effects, your recording can be modified to better match your feelings or personality.

The built-in recorder and special effects makes it quite simple for you to change sounds.
Its also great for active users in social media.
After finish making a piece of sound art, you can directly share it with your friends via email.
Then astonish them!

+ Built-in recorder makes it easy to recording sounds
+ Built-in special effects let you instantly change sounds effects
+ A wide range of fancy sounds effects: Man, Woman, Kid etc.
+ Easily edit your recording file
+ Directly share them with your friends via email

Pros and cons of Voice Changer, Sound Recorder and Player app for iPhone and iPad

Voice Changer, Sound Recorder and Player app good for

Everyone always thinks u have a mic voice changer when u use this on xbox
Havent even launched the app yet... just wanted new sounds and everybody else was doing this so...
Hey this app is awesome! Make it work for iOS 9 because it crashes and the voices dont work!
This app is great it always changes my voice perfectly and always gets a crack out of me.
This is great! Maybe u could add more voices ! Anyways its a really good app!
I bet that this could have auto tune or mega phone or even mario voices

Some bad moments

This is the fifth voice changer app I have installed and this is the fifth voice changer app that I have deleted.
I wasted $.99 to unlock "customization" which gave me two options, pitch and speed, and no new voices, no other customization. Fewer choices and customizing than free apps. Dont waste your time or money.
I spent 1dollar on a pich changer??!,!?!???? What the )$&(&:$)/!!!!!!! I want a refund!!!!!
I read some reviews that were bad but there werent a lot so I decided to get it and they only give you a few voices and the rest you have to pay for!
This is a misconception it does not change your voice it just speeds it up slows it down or gives it a higher pitch even though its free its not Worth wasting time or space on your phone

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