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just no...quality no


C est super !! Jadore!!

C est super malis il ny a pas assez de voix!

Muito bom

App muito bom


Muito ruim de utilizar nessa versão!

Muito ruim

N baixem e horrivel o audio n sai direito so tem 4 mudadores de voz so q eu n to contando com um outro porque é o da voz comum n baixem


Eu achei de mais este app é muito bom


Come da titolo.

Unfortunately trash

Doesn’t offer enough to keep me interested. Sadness!


There are no additional benefits received when you pay for this application. They purposely design the functionality of the application to trick people into buying the “full” version one the app when in reality you go NO additional voice filters. This is a complete rip off!!


This is not a good app

No thx

If u don't have a microphone pls do not play play rodblox instead peeps

Did not work

Did not work


I don't know what I want to think yet. I'm super mad tho because I can't find a screen recorder for free without paying 99.99$ a month

It sucks👎🏻👿😾👎🏻👹👿

Horrible,It dose not work, so do not get it.

Good game

Sent not doing this for more voices


Just makes your voice higher or lower

Not useful

Not user friendly. Will work with iPads, really for phones as you can't change orientation. Save your time and buck, this is just a beginners programming effort.

Only good for very brief recordings

It's unable to finish recording a rather short Gavotte of J.S. Bach'

It's aight

It's aight

5star reviews are fake..

If you are looking for more like "Autotune" type Mr. T-Pain smooth vocals.. then forget it. This is simple a "Voice changer" with the basic FEW choices to lower and higher your pitch in a cartoonish way. The 5 star reviews are only there from ppl that wanted to try out other voice modes which prompts you to write a review in order to unlock. Overall, not worth.


I want to push unlock more, but i dont know how much it costs or if it even costs money. Anyone know?


It's not the best app but when u r playing around with ur friends it's pretty fun

Waist Of Time!!!

I would rate this 0 stars if it let me. 😒 but it doesn't. I am going to keep this short. This app is a waist of time and I deleted it literally 1 min after I started using it. Awful. NO just no.... 😒🤚

Not worth downloading

This is a misconception it does not change your voice it just speeds it up slows it down or gives it a higher pitch even though it's free it's not Worth wasting time or space on your phone


I read some reviews that were bad but there weren't a lot so I decided to get it and they only give you a few voices and the rest you have to pay for!


Excellent app

AHHHHH!!!!!! >:-(

I spent 1dollar on a pich changer??!,!?!???? What the )$&(&:$)/!!!!!!! I want a refund!!!!!

Don't really know

Haven't even launched the app yet... just wanted new sounds and everybody else was doing this so...




I wasted $.99 to unlock "customization" which gave me two options, pitch and speed, and no new voices, no other customization. Fewer choices and customizing than free apps. Don't waste your time or money.

Junk with fake reviews

Malware with fake reviews.

It's ok

It's not the best it's kinda boring ish


This is the fifth voice changer app I have installed and this is the fifth voice changer app that I have deleted.


They all sounded like me except with some static and slower.

Great for Xbox Trolling

Everyone always thinks u have a mic voice changer when u use this on xbox


Yes So cool


It did exactly what I asked. 👍

Great but it could do better

I want to download the voice but it won't let me I tried sharing it but it said I had no email? When it was open... I'll rate it higher if you can fix this please

ok I guess

it's not the best beacause it's on,y has 6 things and it only goes fast slow and high and low when you begin

just no...quality no


Worst app ever

It is the worst app ever like i don't want to spend 99 cents for a game I won't keep

Its as bad as it gets

Why dont u see it yourself and you'll then know how it got high ratings too, I'd given it 2 or 3 probably but then the all-screen wide add opens every half minutes or so.


bad horrible


It's cool

60 second voice recorder

I downloaded this "free" app just before an important meeting & w/ no warning it shut itself down after only recording for 60 seconds! When I glanced @ the screen I saw the word "UNLOCK" Why should I have to "UNLOCK" a "FREE" ap? (Hint: it's not "free" Is it?)

More effects

This is really awesome! But I would put more effects like robot voice are whatever but this still a very good app but it will be better to put 5 more effects to the app though

Only recorded for 60 seconds

When i recorded for 60 seconds only need more time than that

Worst game!

This is worthless all it does is barely Change your voice and try's to fool you WORST GAME EVER


Opened the app, allowed app to use microphone and an ad took over. Deleted




Only doing this to unlock it... These people know how to get a false 5🌟

I want to unlock!

Yeah, the title explains it. This app is fun. Other random stuff about how awesome this is {or whatever else they want me to say}.

5 star

Aee me

It's ok

I'm only rating it 5 ⭐️s because it will give me more sounds. If I was really rating it a would give a 2 1/2. It's not the best in the world so try some other apps. What I do is I install a bunch and test them out. Then I can narrow it down🙂


I like it


I 💜 this app I made a song and it turned of AWESOME!!! 😎

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